Andrew June 25th, 2020

People have already mentioned Peter's fascination with pre-industrial metalworking, and it was a chance to see some of his handiwork that first brought us together at his office in the busy workshop at the university. There was a certain irony in an early meeting when our Health and Safety officer said, "Here - what do you think of this?" and promptly produced the most lethal-looking knife I've ever seen! This was typical of Peter's delightful sense of humour, and also typical of his passion for creativity. The knife was (and is) a work of art, beautifully designed and crafted and worthy of a place on display. As a colleague Peter would go out of his way to help, advise and support. Nothing was too much trouble, and as a result many of my students have enjoyed safe and successful study trips abroad which have enriched their university experience immeasurably. Thank you, Peter, for being an outstanding colleague, for being passionate, for making me laugh and for sharing some of your valuable time with me. You are much missed. Andrew P