Michael June 25th, 2020

What to say? It is such a shock to loose Pete, way too soon. He will be truly missed by a great many staff and students and remembered with a great deal of affection by the many students and alumni he helped over the years. He was a major part of the school, a senior colleague and one of the people you would go to for support or to solve a problem. The name Peter means rock and Pete was well named. He was one of the key people that formed the bedrock of the school, stable, reliable, a mine of knowledge, skills and witty! Pete was a seriously bright and funny guy. He was given responsibilities because he was ‘always on it’ He didn’t miss a trick. Even when he had demanding tasks around health and safety, which he took seriously, he never missed an opportunity to reveal his true nature which was that of a generous and funny man. His sharp wit was never mocking or unkind, rather laced with a mischievious delight in the absurd and the Surreal. In another life he would have made a great stand up comedian. I never left his company without smiling at some comment or bit of surreal information which he relayed in the course of the conversation. He had an endless curiosity for knowledge, and was a mine of surprising ideas and thoughts, he didn’t do boring! If one had a list of people one would be happy to stand at the bar with or in extreme to be stuck with in a difficult place up a mountain or marooned on a desert Island, Pete would be on my list as the guy most likely to have the knowledge and skills to get you out of a tight spot and the wit to keep you amused as he was sorting it out! My last encounter with Pete was in the tech office where my eye caught site of a beautifully fashioned piece of steel metal work. Hang on I though that’s a Samurai steel blade and then Pete explains, with evident delight, the extraordinary skill and complexity of how it was made…..and then he tells me ‘I made that!’ So my memory is now Pete the Samurai Warrior Blacksmith. A man of many talents, witty, warm hearted and generous by nature, and reflecting on all he contributed, a personal sense of gratitude for the pleasures of having had Pete as a work colleague. So sorry for the loss to his family and friends who will surely feel his loss intensely. We will seriously miss you Pete! Fondest memories Mike Wright For Fine Art team