Tom July 1st, 2020

Pete was one of the first people I met when I started working at the University as an IT Technician, I was sent to a job that he really really didn't want done, I was to upgrade his computer. This was met with resistance by Pete, but after a few weeks of me popping by to see how he was getting on, I became someone who he would joke with and talk to, we became solid friends and allies. I would often pop by his office when I was in the locale just for a chat or maybe to steal some tools. Always there to have a laugh, always smiling, always working as hard as he could for his students and for us his colleagues, when I was told that Pete was to be our new Health and Safety officer, I was reminded of all the times we'd spoken about the dangerous chemicals and the likes that he had in stock, I laughed, and though Health and Safety meetings were a somewhat boring topic, I looked forward to the chance to leave the office and mundane work to engage in the madness and wonder that could be found when chatting with Pete. He was knowledgeable, kind and passionate. When we last spoke, we talked about crafting knives together over the summer, he was always so proud to show me what he had last made when he went smithing. I can't reconcile how profoundly I feel the loss of such a wonderful human being. I will miss him terribly. With all my love to his family and friends. Tx