Susannah July 1st, 2020

Peter contributed enormously to the teaching we students received at UH. He was a brilliant additional source of informed technical advice and model making know how. He had a knack for pitching his answers or conversation at exactly your level of achievement and with gentlemanly, patient guidance he encouraged you to build your sense of confidence. Admirably unassuming yet captivatingly maverick, sharp-witted and erudite, he was a very genuine person and a straight talker. His strict timekeeping, rules and regulations and sometimes stern judgment were always resolutely tactful and often tempered by humour so you always came away feeling reassured to extend your skills or inspired to try harder. He seemed so fundamentally a feature of the School of Creative Arts that I am really saddened to think how future generations of students will not get to know him and learn from him as I have. A heartfelt R.I.P. Pete. With fond memories, Susy.