Helen June 28th, 2020

I heard about Pete before I had actually met him through working with graduates of the Model Design Programme. Without exception they all cited him as key to their success during their studies and acknowledged how he helped shape their future careers. I finally met him in 2004 and we immediately connected through our shared training and profession experience, it also helped that he loved to have a laugh. Pete played a key role in the Model Design programme and even though he moved onto new challenges, students would still seek him out to ask for his help and advice. One of my fondest memories comes from many years ago when I used to do workshop inductions with him, four student groups in one day. He would weave jokes into his explanations, and I would chuckle away next to him, after hearing the same joke for the fourth time, I was never sure if I was laughing at the joke or because I was hearing it yet again. Who knew you could find a way to mention ‘fainting goats’ into a lathe induction (-: Lovely Pete as I always called him, was my favourite colleague and much to his embarrassment I told him ….regularly. His keen intelligence, patience and humour endeared him to all of us, hearing that little giggle certainly brighten a difficult day. It is difficult to express just how much he will be missed by us all, I hope his family take comfort from the love we had for Pete and how instrumental he was in shaping the lives of countless numbers of students. As a final note only those in creative arts will understand, my last contact with him was regarding a mundane work thing a couple of weeks ago, in his reply he asked, so is John (of Product Design) not speaking to me? I was puzzled, what had happened…. It turns out Pete had written in Julian L’s leaving card, can you take the bald loud one with you. It really made me laugh. I will never forget him. Helen