richard June 25th, 2020

Jude Berry, Blackberry Forge I met Pete on when he came to a bladesmithing course but, after a number of lengthy conversations over the phone when planning out what he was going to make, it was clear he was someone that I couldn’t help but like. Pete decided to attempt a hugely ambitious and creative project, for several days hammered, twisted and sanded this huge blade. Cuts, burns and blisters were taped up and ignored and whilst his joints were clearly giving him pain, he never complained and always maintained his spirits. What impressed me the most about Pete wasn’t just the quality of the work he did but his hunger, he clearly had no interest in letting this be his last project. Every month he would send me photos of the things he had forged. I have never seen someone who is so dedicated to their work in education being so unbroken by it and so prolific in their personal, creative projects. Pete was always so thoughtful, whether he was keeping me up to date with the latest tv show that we both loved, had discovered a new lovcraftian manga or taking time out to teach me to use a mill, he never asked for anything only ever offered to give. It is rare that you get to meet someone as genuinely decent as Pete, the short time that I had the privilege to spend with him will be treasured, I’m grateful for every minute of it.