Chris June 25th, 2020

Some wonderful anecdotes and stories to come; I considered Pete a good friend and colleague. I remember vividly when I first met Pete, having both gone for the same role I thought this might be awkward, the fact that we regularly met up and shared our love of Star Trek Voyager over coffee and through work on the project of which he was heavily involved in and on the steering group for, to more recently his passion shining through to pretty much single-handedly build an exhibit for the Science Museum really emphasised how humble of a person he was and his kindness shone through in all that he did to the benefit of others and we became friends who would meet more regularly than my scheduled Tuesday. I have had more tours of Creative Arts than any other department from Pete, his giggle certainly was infectious, it was always an echo of what experience that student clearly had, that you just know he knows something really important but waned to encourage and support you to reach the same conclusion in your own way! He loved telling jokes, all so very clever, and I will really miss his personality and character, there are more words, but we are lost without him. A huge loss to the world but one who will live on in each of us in all that we do. Pete will live on in all of us in some way, perhaps gravitating around Planet Pete; and I am proud to have worked with him, proud to have been able to tell him he was our national nominee for Times Higher Technician of the Year and proud to have called him a friend. Chris Ivie.